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Welcome to the Smith River Rescue Squad forums. There are resources here for members, including training materials and links, contact information, policies and procedures. There are also groups open to the community or anyone who wants to know more about us.

Glad to be here and thanks for all the fish!

It’s hard to get a forum going. No one has anything to say. They are too busy with life or lazy.

| I belong to a Call Of Duty Clan that we…7 individuals in a sniper clan run buy a drunk , He disappeared and our Clan was going to die. In a 2hr. period we decided to make our own group…Clan in the game world. @ 0130 I told Doofus (a Discovery TV producer) I’d pay the bill for a web address. WE were one…8 guys that shot at each other on a very strict MOD driven Sniper site. It worked we were active for almost two years. WE had visitors from al over the world. You will still see a few of us if you visit the few remaining COD on line games.=MMU=PoP-I Still plays the game. There are no more sniper clans. It’s all Run and Gun. BS. You had to be able to hide and move with stealth. Back in a the corners of blown up buildings in tiny bushes… Don’t move a pixel. The game was to get a shot but the scoring was not the number of kills. It was the number of deaths. If you had 2-3 kills and a Goose Egg… You did well. 20 -30 minutes maps. special sniper maps. I could rattle on . It was a good time. We usually gave it up@ 0000am. Virginiax2, Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Arizona, British Columbia, Alberta, Ca… I forget the rest. That’s our main clan. We visited each other in real life. Fire came in From Kentucky and stayed 3 days, Swede came in from Chicago and we had dinner in town. Fire visited Tiger in Indiana. IT went on… GREAT times.
OOPS lost contact with reality there. Forums do work if people are interested. There’s your problem.
=MMU=PoP-I (Master Marksman Unit)

Yep, it is hard to get a forum going. Tough to get over the hurdle and achieve a network effect. :slight_smile:

Sounds a lot like my experiences in a World of Warcraft guild, many years ago. Or maybe even more like my BBS days, back in the 80’s. :smiley:

No response from any one. Nice web site set up. Zero response. Not much help from an old fart with multiple health distractions. On top of the meds side effects that are horrible. I have a good ase of shingles raging across my left chest. It evolves the breast tissues , Yea man boobs we got them. They get bigger with steroids, Lots of steroids… continuous over dosing of steroids, Don’t pull my chain mind altering steroids, LOL
Left “breast” tissues are screaming except for the lyrical and sipping 86 proof Evan Williams @0430. If and when I get these health issue out of the way I’ll try to pump the web site.

Thanks Ray! :slight_smile:

I’ve had a very mild case of shingles once in my life, and it was fairly painful for a while. I can’t even imagine what a bad case would feel like. I hope your clear up soon!

If you have not done so GO GET A SHINGLES SHOT. yes, you can have another attack. The virus does not die.
You’ll have to check the age limitations. (Lie) Won’t work all the medical stuff is birthday validated.

Up date
For the foolish who don’t want to believe the pervious information good luck. In week 7 of my thrill ride with the Shingles Virus . I have become accustom to of some of the pain. I have tried to compartmentalize some of the pain by layer in my recliner and totally relaxing and delaying taking more narcotics. It works. It works, I slept through most of the 4th of July weekend. I didn’t attempt to do anything. I zoned out. I was trying to avoid the Percocet which only partially helps. Great life . I’ll zoom to tonight. I made it through the day and worked in my Pot (Container) garden for several hours. Great victory. One Lyrica (controlled substance) and 650 mg of Tylenol. No nap. I have fixed the late evening with a few drinks, a different war not binging just “medicating” my brain. I may be able to sleep. I think the pain has decreased . Not significantly and not tolerable without meds. This was my first day I feel like I did something. The discomfort (pain) continues but is numbed. I’m going to bed @0345 with no pills and not an excessive amount of alcohol. Factoid: 28% of the Shingles population rely on controlled amount of alcohol for pain relief. This is partially because of the high cost of meds.
Get a Shingles shot . Post it here

I thought maybe ONE person would join in the Conversation. Here is an open forum to voice really anything because no one is here. BUT, a visitor may read some they like or dislike and make a statement.

Making a statement. MAYBE ONE individual will grip, complain or make death threats. ( Bring a big gun and be very very good with it) ( Been a target twice. Vietnam with a reward on my head and a North Vietnam Lieutenant Spy wanting to collect a reward and in Martinsville pissing off a major drug dealer while trying saving his life.) Not funny- 3 police agencies concerned and I had to be armed. Our Sheriff was concern and pressured me to get a conceal license way before he became our sheriff.
Blah blah
Smith River Rescue was quietly being the BEST rescue squad in the State. We never turned over a call. That was noted when we had been in service for 13 years. Along long time ago. No rewards no accolades from the state. They… OEMS … were aware but this was a tiny little county rescue squad not a huge monster squad from a big city. We answered ALL are calls. We did it for almost 35 years.
Then it happened… We were out of day time volunteers. The few we had were burned out or working trying to keep their jobs or just exhausted trying to cover all our calls. Several had gown into the poor health part of growing old. Our good people The Turners, Ellen and Donald,(I’m missing some)
We had no interested KIDS to take over. Crystal tried. We all tried. Volunteerism is about dead.
The old farts finally MISSED a call. I had tears in my eyes, Crystal stills gets tears. Mary Ruth is a hard woman but she got snotty faced. WE tried and we did good;. There was no one to take over.
We are an embarrassment to Rescue. It breaks my heart. I get teary about it. I’m a champion for SRRS but we are not what we were 2 years ago. The old finally ran out of gas.
To tied to continue with viable thought with out getting grossly colorful with wording.